James Westman’s little corner of the web


Big Projects


Camera is a camera app for GNOME and Phosh.


Hourglass is a project/version manager for Godot Engine. It keeps track of your Godot Engine projects and what versions of the engine they require.


Floodlight is a free, open-source presentation program for churches. It aims to be simple and user-friendly.

Small Projects

VR Color Picker

A virtual reality demo for Godot Engine that includes some basic VR UI patterns. Source code can be found here.

You Forgot to Share Your Google Doc

YFTSYGD is a reddit bot that finds Google Docs links that haven’t been shared properly and leaves a comment explaining how to fix it.


GeoClueless is a location faking tool for GeoClue2, the geolocation provider on many Linux distributions. GeoClueless is good for debugging location-aware applications.


I don’t have the attention span or the artistic talent to make complicated games, but I still enjoy it. All my games are made with Godot Engine, a super awesome open-source game engine.

Still Another Asteroid Shooter

My first Android game. Don’t expect too much of it, it’s just a simple, ad-free asteroid shooting game. Available on Google Play.


Tap the colored tiles in order. That’s literally the whole game. Available on Google Play.

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